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Institute co-directors and consultants have years of experience providing faculty development workshops and trainings. We have presented sessions on teaching, learning, and curriculum development at national and regional organizations, including the American Bar Association, the American Association of Law Schools, the Legal Writing Institute, the Practicing Law Institute, and many others. In addition, we have designed and delivered workshops for law faculties across the county and around the world.

Workshops and trainings can be customized to fit the needs of your organization or law school, and could include one-on-one training with individual faculty members. Workshops range from one hour presentations to multiple day consulting sessions. We have presented on the following topics:

• Academic success programs
• Active teaching and learning methods
• Alternatives to the traditional bar exam
• Assessment – course-level techniques, both formative and summative
• Assessment – institutional-level process (learning outcomes, competencies, curriculum mapping, etc)
• Collaborative course design with students
• Collaborative learning
• Continued development as professors
• Course design (instructional design and learning theory)
• Development of students’ professional identity
• Experiential learning
• Rubrics: creation and use
• Teaching law students to be self-regulated learners
• Team-based learning
• What the best law teachers do
• Writing integrated in all law school classes

Additionally, we are comfortable working with your organization to design a training on your desired topic.

Workshop and consulting fees vary with the length of the workshop and the amount of preparation and travel required. For more information, please call or email any of the co-directors or contributing faculty, or contact the Institute through our website.

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