Summer 2010: Teaching Law Practice Across the Curriculum

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The Institute's summer 2010 conference, "Teaching Law Practice Across the Curriculum," features 23 workshops and a plenary session that explore techniques for teaching skills and professionalism across the law school curriculum.

The conference will be June 17-18, 2010 at Washburn University School of Law in Topeka, Kansas.

Benefits to Participants:
Improve Teaching and Learning

During the conference, participants can expect to encounter many new ideas about teaching law practice skills in law school. In addition, the conference is intended to facilitate informal interaction among creative teachers who love their work with students.

Participants should leave the conference with the inspiration and information to integrate skills and professionalism in the courses they teach next fall. The ultimate goal of the conference is to help the participants improve their teaching and their students' learning and to further their school's efforts to realize the promise of Educating Lawyers and Best Practices.

Conference Structure:
Tailor the Conference to Suit Your Interests

The conference includes six workshop sessions. During each session, four workshops will run simultaneously.

Participants will be able to tailor the conference to fit their individual interests by choosing which workshop to attend during each session. The workshops will deal with:

  • Innovative materials
  • Alternative teaching methods
  • New technology
  • Ways to enhance student learning in all types of courses
  • Means of restructuring legal education to foster practice-ready lawyers.

Each workshop will include materials that participants can use during the workshop and when they return to their campuses.

The workshops will model effective teaching methods by actively engaging the participants.

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