Teaching and Learning Articles By
Institute Co-Directors and Consultants

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Articles by Kelly Terry

"Embedding Assessment Principles in Externships," __ Clinical Law Review ___ (forthcoming Spring 2014).

"Externships: A Signature Pedagogy for the Apprenticeship of Professional Identity and Purpose," 59 Journal of Legal Education 240 (2009). [Read fulltext (288 KB PDF)]

Articles by Sandra Simpson

"Riding the Carousel: Making Assessment a Learning Loop through Continuous Use of Grading Rubrics," 6 Canadian Legal Education Annual Review 35 (2011). [Read fulltext (1.4 MB PDF)]

Articles by Emily Grant

"Memorializing the Meal: An Analogical Exercise for Transactional Drafting," 36 University of Hawaii Law Review ___ (forthcoming 2014) (with William E. Foster). [Read preliminary version (218 KB PDF)]

Articles and Essays by Gerry Hess

"Blended Courses in Law School: The Best of Online and Face-to-Face Learning?" 45 McGeorge Law Review 51 (forthcoming 2013). [Read preliminary version (190 KB PDF)]

"Value of Variety: An Organizing Principle to Enhance Teaching and Learning," 3 Elon Law Review 65 (2011). [Read fulltext (100 KB PDF)]

"Developing a Skills and Professionalism Curriculum: Process and Product," 41 University of Toledo Law Review 327 (2010) (co-authored with Earl Martin). [Read fulltext (221 KB PDF)]

"Professional Skills and Values in Legal Education: The GPS Model," 43 Valparaiso University Law Review 513 (2009) (co-authored with Stephen Gerst). [Read fulltext (2.2 MB PDF)]

"What Helps Law Professors Develop as Teachers?: An Empirical Study," 14 Widener Law Review 149 (2008) (co-author with Sophie Sparrow). [Read fulltext (2 MB PDF)]

"Collaborative Course Design: Not My Course, Not Their Course, but Our Course," 47 Washburn Law Journal 367 (2008). [Read fulltext (139 KB PDF)]

"Improving Teaching and Learning in Law School: Faculty Development Research, Principles, and Programs," 12 Widener Law Review 443 (2006). [Read fulltext (2 MB PDF)]

"Learning to Think Like a Teacher: Reflective Journals for Legal Educators," 38 Gonzaga Law Review (2003). [Read fulltext (1.4 MB PDF)]

"Hearts and Heads: Creating an Effective Teaching and Learning Environment in Law School," 52 Journal of Legal Education 75 (2002). [Read fulltext (2 MB PDF)]

"Monographs on Teaching and Learning for Legal Educators," Special Edition, Gonzaga Law Review 63 (2000). [Read fulltext (2.4 MB PDF)]

"Principle 3: Good Practice Encourages Active Learning," 49 Journal of Legal Education 401 (1999). [Read fulltext (880 KB PDF)]

"Seven Principles of Good Practice for Legal Education: History and Overview," 49 Journal of Legal Educucation 367 (1999). [Read fulltext (233 KB PDF)]

"Student Involvement in Improving Law Teaching and Learning," 67 UMKC Law Review 343 (1998). [Read fulltext (1.5 MB PDF)]

"The Legal Educator's Guide to Periodicals on Teaching and Learning," 67 UMKC Law Review 367 (1998). [Read fulltext (1.3 MB PDF)]

"Listening to Our Students: Obstructing and Enhancing Learning in Law School," 31 University of San Francisco Law Review 941 (1997). [Read fulltext (1.4 MB PDF)]

Articles and Essays by Michael Hunter Schwartz

"Improving Legal Education by Improving Casebooks: Fourteen Things Casebooks Can Do to Produce Better and More Learning," 3 Elon Law Review 27 (2011). [Read fulltext (139 KB PDF)]

"Humanizing Legal Education: An Introduction to a Symposium Whose Time Came," 47 Washburn Law Journal 235 (2008). [Read fulltext (88 KB PDF)]

"Teaching Law Students to be Self-Regulated Learners," 2003 Michigan State Detroit College of Law Law Review 447 (Summer 2003). [Read fulltext (2.8 MB PDF)]

"Teaching Law by Design: How Learning Theory and Instructional Design Can Inform and Reform Law Teaching," 38 San Diego Law Review 347 (2001). [Read fulltext (5.7 MB PDF)]

"Using Course Webpages to Fill Gaps in Traditional Law School Instruction," Jurist: Lessons from the Web (March 2003). [Read fulltext]

Articles by Sophie Sparrow

"Team-Based Learning in Law," 18 Legal Writing 53 (2013).

"Can They Work Well on a Team? Assessing Students' Collaborative Skills," 38 William Mitchell Law Review 1162 (2012). [Read fulltext]

"Using Individual and Group Multiple-Choice Quizzes to Deepen Students' Learning," 3 University of Elon Law Review 1 (2011). [Read fulltext]

"What Helps Law Professors Develop as Teachers? -- An Empirical Study," 14 Widener Law Review 149 (2008) (with Gerald F. Hess). [Read fulltext]

"Practicing Civility in the Legal Writing Course: Helping Law Students Learn Professionalism," 13 Legal Writing 113 (2007).

"Describing the Ball: Improve Teaching by Using Rubrics - Explicit Grading Criteria," 2004 Michigan State Law Review 1.