Teaching and Learning Articles By
Institute Co-Directors and Consultants

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Articles by Kelly Terry

"Embedding Assessment Principles in Externships," 20 Clinical Law Review 467 (2014). [Read fulltext (191 KB PDF)]

"Externships: A Signature Pedagogy for the Apprenticeship of Professional Identity and Purpose," 59 Journal of Legal Education 240 (2009). [Read fulltext (288 KB PDF)]

Articles by Sandra Simpson

"Riding the Carousel: Making Assessment a Learning Loop through Continuous Use of Grading Rubrics," 6 Canadian Legal Education Annual Review 35 (2011). [Read fulltext (1.4 MB PDF)]

Articles by Emily Grant

"The Pink Tower Meets the Ivory Tower: Adapting Montessori Teaching Methods for Law School," 68 Arkansas Law Review ___. [Read preliminary version]

"At the [Other Side of the] Lectern," 64 Journal of Legal Education 103 (2014). [Read fulltext (509 KB PDF)]

"Memorializing the Meal: An Analogical Exercise for Transactional Drafting," 36 University of Hawaii Law Review 403 (2014) (with William E. Foster). [Read fulltext]

Articles and Essays by Gerry Hess

"Qualitative Research on Legal Education: Studying Outstanding Law Teachers," 51 Alberta Law Review 925 (2014).

"Blended Courses in Law School: The Best of Online and Face-to-Face Learning?" 45 McGeorge Law Review 51 (2013). [Read fulltext (1.8 MB PDF)]

"Value of Variety: An Organizing Principle to Enhance Teaching and Learning," 3 Elon Law Review 65 (2011). [Read fulltext (100 KB PDF)]

"Developing a Skills and Professionalism Curriculum: Process and Product," 41 University of Toledo Law Review 327 (2010) (co-authored with Earl Martin). [Read fulltext (221 KB PDF)]

"Professional Skills and Values in Legal Education: The GPS Model," 43 Valparaiso University Law Review 513 (2009) (co-authored with Stephen Gerst). [Read fulltext (2.2 MB PDF)]

"What Helps Law Professors Develop as Teachers?: An Empirical Study," 14 Widener Law Review 149 (2008) (co-author with Sophie Sparrow). [Read fulltext (2 MB PDF)]

"Collaborative Course Design: Not My Course, Not Their Course, but Our Course," 47 Washburn Law Journal 367 (2008). [Read fulltext (139 KB PDF)]

"Improving Teaching and Learning in Law School: Faculty Development Research, Principles, and Programs," 12 Widener Law Review 443 (2006). [Read fulltext (2 MB PDF)]

"Learning to Think Like a Teacher: Reflective Journals for Legal Educators," 38 Gonzaga Law Review (2003). [Read fulltext (1.4 MB PDF)]

"Hearts and Heads: Creating an Effective Teaching and Learning Environment in Law School," 52 Journal of Legal Education 75 (2002). [Read fulltext (2 MB PDF)]

"Monographs on Teaching and Learning for Legal Educators," Special Edition, Gonzaga Law Review 63 (2000). [Read fulltext (2.4 MB PDF)]

"Principle 3: Good Practice Encourages Active Learning," 49 Journal of Legal Education 401 (1999). [Read fulltext (880 KB PDF)]

"Seven Principles of Good Practice for Legal Education: History and Overview," 49 Journal of Legal Educucation 367 (1999). [Read fulltext (233 KB PDF)]

"Student Involvement in Improving Law Teaching and Learning," 67 UMKC Law Review 343 (1998). [Read fulltext (1.5 MB PDF)]

"The Legal Educator's Guide to Periodicals on Teaching and Learning," 67 UMKC Law Review 367 (1998). [Read fulltext (1.3 MB PDF)]

"Listening to Our Students: Obstructing and Enhancing Learning in Law School," 31 University of San Francisco Law Review 941 (1997). [Read fulltext (1.4 MB PDF)]

Articles and Essays by Michael Hunter Schwartz

"50 More Years of CLEO Scholars: The Past, The Present, and a Vision for the Future," 48 Valparaiso University Law Review 621 (2014).

"What Do You Do When Nothing Seems to Work? An Evaluation and Suggested Approach to Dealing with the Diversity Issue in the Legal Profession," 49:1 Arkansas Lawyer 12 (Winter 2014). [Read fulltext]

"All About the First Year of Law School," 12 Transactions: The Tennessee Journal of Business Law 77 (2011).

"Improving Legal Education by Improving Casebooks: Fourteen Things Casebooks Can Do to Produce Better and More Learning," 3 Elon Law Review 27 (2011). [Read fulltext (139 KB PDF)]

"Humanizing Legal Education: An Introduction to a Symposium Whose Time Came," 47 Washburn Law Journal 235 (2008). [Read fulltext (88 KB PDF)]

"Teaching Law Students to be Self-Regulated Learners," 2003 Michigan State Detroit College of Law Law Review 447 (Summer 2003). [Read fulltext (2.8 MB PDF)]

"Teaching Law by Design: How Learning Theory and Instructional Design Can Inform and Reform Law Teaching," 38 San Diego Law Review 347 (2001). [Read fulltext (5.7 MB PDF)]

"Using Course Webpages to Fill Gaps in Traditional Law School Instruction," Jurist: Lessons from the Web (March 2003). [Read fulltext]

Articles by Sophie Sparrow

"Team-Based Learning in Law," 18 Legal Writing 53 (2013).

"Can They Work Well on a Team? Assessing Students' Collaborative Skills," 38 William Mitchell Law Review 1162 (2012). [Read fulltext]

"Using Individual and Group Multiple-Choice Quizzes to Deepen Students' Learning," 3 University of Elon Law Review 1 (2011). [Read fulltext]

"What Helps Law Professors Develop as Teachers? -- An Empirical Study," 14 Widener Law Review 149 (2008) (with Gerald F. Hess). [Read fulltext]

"Practicing Civility in the Legal Writing Course: Helping Law Students Learn Professionalism," 13 Legal Writing 113 (2007).

"Describing the Ball: Improve Teaching by Using Rubrics - Explicit Grading Criteria," 2004 Michigan State Law Review 1.