Techniques for Teaching Law
by Gerald F. Hess and Steven Friedland (1999)

Cover: Techniques for Teaching Law (1999)

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Techniques for Teaching Law was published in 1999 by Carolina Academic Press and is © by Gerald F. Hess and Steven Friedland. This work may not be reprinted or republished without permission.

ISBN: 0-89089-785-9
ISBN-13: 978-0-89089-785-0

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Techniques for Teaching Law addresses a broad range of pedagogical issues in the context of legal education:

The first chapter describes three models of learning and three conceptions of effective teaching. The subsequent eleven chapters each address a particular pedagogical issue, beginning with a summary of the applicable educational principles, followed by teaching ideas and techniques contributed by experienced legal educators.

The heart of this work is the collection of teaching ideas. The 137 teaching and learning tips are innovative and classroom tested. The collection covers all types of law school courses:

Some of the ideas introduce fresh approaches to basic classroom planning and management matters:

Many of the methods involve active learning:

Others offer tips for using technology in teaching law:

Finally, the contributors offer insight about creative ways to give students feedback and to evaluate student performance:

Table of Contents

Download Techniques for Teaching Law (14.9 MB PDF)