Teach to the Whole Class:
Barriers and Pathways to Learning (1997)

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Teach to the Whole Class and the accompanying materials were produced in 1997 and copyright by Paula Lustbader, Laurie Zimet, and Gerry Hess. This program was funded by the Institute for Law School Teaching at Gonzaga University School of Law. This work is out of print and may not be reproduced or republished without permission.

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Teach to the Whole Class: Barriers and Pathways to Learning is a faculty colloquium kit containing a videotape and written materials developed by Paula Lustbader (Seattle University), Laurie Zimet (Hastings) and Gerry Hess (Gonzaga) for the Institute for Law School Teaching in 1997. As a faculty training resource this kit is designed to help legal educators increase their effectiveness in the classroom and improve the learning of their students. The centerpiece of the kit is a videotape of law students discussing their learning experiences. The tape was developed from 16 hours of interviews with students at six law schools:

These schools were selected to provide a cross-section (size, rank, geographic, public/private, demographic) of legal education. A faculty coordinator from each institution selected students who varied in terms of race, gender, socioeconomic status, sexual orientation, disability, cultural background, year in school, and class rank. Sixty-seven students participated. The students were asked to identify factors that hindered their learning in law school and factors that enhanced their learning.

The 32 minute, 52 second video is accompanied by written materials. These written materials comprise the colloquium facilitator's notebook. The notebook presents eight lesson plans for using the videotape in two-hour, four-hour, and all-day sessions. The notebook also includes handouts, overheads, discussion questions, and suggested activities that can be used during the faculty development sessions. The written materials contain notes on teaching and learning principles and an annotated bibliography on diversity, learning, and teaching methods.

Sections of the facilitator's notebook include:

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