Engaging and Assessing Our Students
Plenary I Follow-up Sessions

Thursday, June 2, 2011 – 10:00-10:30 a.m.

[A] Engaging Students In and Out of Class

Charlotte van Sittert, University of Pretoria

Ever thought field trips were only for science students? You might be surprised! The main goal of this workshop will be to identify techniques and activities that can make out-of-class learning experiences particularly effective in teaching important principles in the curriculum of the Clinical Legal Training Course. Participants will leave the workshop with a copy of the PowerPoint presentation and a checklist of important aspects to consider when planning an out-of-class learning experience.

[B] How (Not) to Present the Most Boring Lecture in the Curriculum

Franciscus Haupt, University of Pretoria

The presentation will focus on techniques as well as audio and visual aids that can be used to engage students when the lecturer presents what is perceived to be boring or complex subject matter. Come and learn more about the history, structure and organization of the UP Law Clinic, and at the same time, about engaging students in a fun way.

[C] Teaching First-Year Contracts with Case Files

Arthur S. Leonard, New York Law School

This workshop will give participants a first-hand experience in a Contracts class taught through the case file method (as opposed to the casebook method). The distinguishing feature of this method is that each class is taught through a client-problem hypothetical, with the intention of developing student skills of applying doctrine and making legal arguments. Professor Leonard has taught Contracts this way for more than a decade.

[D] The iPad Goes to Trial

Tom Gear, Irving, Texas

The iPad from Apple is not the fruit of a poisonous tree but a new twist on the legal pad/clipboard model that can capture the fleeting attention of students while improving their productivity. Conference att endees who would like to get a hands-on introduction to the iPad and find out about its potential uses to engage students preparing for mock trial would benefit greatly from investing their time in this workshop. If you have law students who are digital natives, fluent in computers, software, applications and games, cross over the divide. Learn enough to speak "tablet." Your students will thank you.

[E] Long-Distance Engagement: Using eLearning to Enhance the Study Abroad Experience

Bruce Carolan, Department of Law, Dublin Institute of Technology

This workshop will provide examples of eLearning Resources (wikis, threaded discussions, email, ePortfolios) that can be used to enhance the study-abroad experience before, during and aft er the physical exchange. This will be done against a backdrop of the ABA requirements for study abroad by U.S. law students. Examples of what worked — and what didn't work — will be examined, with participants invited to share their own experiences. The presenter has more than ten years' experience in study abroad for U.S. law schools, and has designed, directed and/or taught on study abroad programs in Dublin, Belgium, Geneva, Spain, and Argentina.