Idea For May 2015

Making Explicit the Link between Briefing and Exam Writing

It is probably safe to say that most schools have some form of skills training or introductory training session for new law students during which students are taught how to brief cases. As the National Academic Consultant for CLEO and in my own classroom I have seen so much emphasis being placed on briefing that students sometimes mistake the completion or mastering of a brief as an end onto itself.

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Article For August 2015

Courtney G. Lee, Changing Gears to Meet the "New Normal" in Legal Education, 53 Duquesne Law Review 39 (2015) [Read fulltext at Duquesne Law Review website (635 KB PDF)]

I have never read an article about legal education that begins with such a vivid analogy between law schools and professional car racing. This is how Professor Courtney Lee begins her recent work, "Changing Gears to Meet the 'New Normal' in Legal Education." The point of her analogy is to signal that in this time of "crisis" in legal education, law faculty members and administrators must, like race car drivers, "be aware of variations in the track—a hairpin curve, a shift in elevation—and change gears and speed to suit the conditions before losing control and skidding into the barriers, or worse." In other words, we cannot stay stagnant in the face of change without risking catastrophe. It is time to change gears to meet the needs of this new normal.

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