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Chilean Law Professors
Photograph: Chilean law professors.
Pontificia Universidad Católica de Chile wrote an article about the visit (translated by Google Translate).

Idea For January 2016

Mentoring 1L Work Habits: Weekly Goals

Today's law students have more information about study habits than ever before. They have access to a great array of books on law student success, and most law schools provide some exam and study training through academic support. Yet even for diligent students, transferring that general advice into each new course remains a challenge. Legal educators can help to train students in good work habits by incorporating weekly goals in the syllabus, and by occasionally discussing them in class. Weekly goals work well not only in skills classes with large assignments, but also in traditional, exam-only courses.

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Article For January 2016

Vicki Baker and Kimberly Griffin, Beyond Mentoring and Advising: Toward Understanding the Role of Faculty "developers" in Student Success, 14:6 About Campus 2 (Jan-Feb 2010) [Read fulltext at Selected Works site for Griffin]

With ABA standards for outcomes and assessments coupled with demands for practice-ready lawyers, law faculty are needed more than ever to identify and create opportunities for our students to develop critical thinking, skills, and networks to succeed. Authors Baker and Griffin provide a framework for three types of faculty roles: advising, mentoring and developing students. Acknowledging the lack of incentives for engaging in student development when the research agenda is prioritized, the authors provide a vocabulary, clear framework and concise suggestions to encourage faculty to align their time, interests and abilities in choosing the type of interactions most likely to confer greater benefits with fewer frustrations.

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